The International Dystrophia Myotonica Consortia, or 'IDMC', represents a 'meeting place' or 'commons' of the international myotonic dystrophy research community. It is made up of scientists, physicians, and health care professionals whose common aim is to help those afflicted with disease, whether through improved patient care, focused clinical and scientific research, or development of meaningful treatments that one day may turn the tide against the course of this disease.

Starting with vision and forward thinking by Dr. Tetsuo Ashizawa around the time of the ASGH meeting in San Francisco in November 1995, the IDMC has grown through the years by hosting important biennial international meetings in major centers around the world. The first IDMC meeting in June of 1997 was held in Paris France and was a great success. It was followed in subsequent years by ever larger meetings in Raleigh NC USA 1999, Kyoto Japan 2001, Glasgow Scotland 2003, Quebec City Canada 2005, Milan Italy 2007, Wurzburg Germany 2009, Clearwater Florida 2011, Donostia-San Sebastian Spain 2013, and most recently returning to Paris France in 2015 for its tenth anniversary. Plans are underway for the next meeting in San Francisco in 2017.